MECOOL Android TV Devices: What are Your Options?

MECOOL Android TV Devices: What are Your Options?

Android TV comes in a variety of different devices. From set-top boxes, to TV Stick, and even actual TVs. Let’s briefly introduce what’s Android TV first. Android TV is Google’s TV operating system based on Android. Comes with an Android TV device, users can stream their  favorite apps, play music and games, cast from any device, and more a big screen.There are a few devices running on Android TV to choose from, with these being different features in addition to the above functions. Today we would like to introduce six current kinds of Android TV devices of MECOOL, hope it’s helpful for you.


Android TV

MECOOL KM9 PRO/ KM1/ KM6/ KM2/KM7/KM2 PLUS are the internet TV Box powered by a certified Android TV platform and fully integrated with a powerful CPU/GPU system, user interface, as well as major DRM services. Include the old features of the MECOOL Android TV box which include Google official Android TV 10 OS, built-in Chromecast with Google TV, Google Assistant supported, 4k HDR, Prime Video, Youtube 4K, etc. MECOOL KM2/KM2 PLUS Set-top box has built-in the Netflix for TV version with an Android operating system. It supports Netflix's 4K streaming!

Android TV + DVB

MECOOL KT1 is an Android TV-based hybrid set-top-box with a digital TV tuner (DVB-T/T2/S/S2/C) that supports popular OTT apps and digital content simultaneously. The interation of linear channels with OTT services, thus delivering all content types including Live TV, Catch-up, SVOD, TVOD, and streaming services on the box to address growing consumer demand for diverse content experiences.


Android TV Dongle/Stick

Android TV Stick /Android TV Dongle MECOOL KD1/KD2/KD3/KD5 are portable devices. Plug the stick into any TV, monitor, or projector with an HDMI port to turn it into a smart TV.

They are both suitable for households who don’t wish to upgrade their older TV sets but stream all of their favorite shows. Plus, the mini size and compact design allow it to be taken on the road with users when they travel or even just go to a friend’s house.

The main difference of KD1/KD2/KD3/KD5 is the chip and the Android TV system. Like MECOOL KM2 and KM2 PLUS, KD3 and KD5 is also Netflix certified.


Android TV Video Calling

MECOOL Now KA2 is a Google Certified video calling streaming media device. Based on the native Android TV system, it initiates video calls through the camera on the device, and meets family members in a warm way at the center of the family, allowing relatives and friends everywhere to open the TV to meet and chat at any time, making TV a new family gathering platform. The viewing experience of freeing your hands and watching and chatting has become a new social lifestyle. MECOOL Now would help any of you that would like to keep in connected with the loved ones in the biggest screen at home. It help to increase communication quality and the depth of the personal connection with friends and familes.


Android TV Smart Speaker

MECOOL HomePlus KA1 is a hands-free Android TV Smart Speaker equipped with Google Assistant and 4K Android TV Box.

Not only can it act as an audio player to access rich services from Google Play, but also operates as a home automation hub to perform a variety of tasks based on voice commands including answering questions, setting timers, as well as controlling any other smart home devices.


Android TV Smart Projector

MECOOL KP1 is an FHD LCD projector, based on the latest LCD display technology with high brightness, the unique design of KP1 brings a perfect combination between the projector and  Android TV HDMI Stick MECOOL KD5, which enables the device a real Smart Projector, you can easily enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and other over 7000 apps available in Google Playstore.

MECOOL KP1 Android TV Smart Projector brings you favorite TV shows, movies, amazing games, and popular music from the Google play store to the big screen, creating theater experiences at home.


The specification of the hot devices of MECOOL


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