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Great box will buy again

android güncellemesi

Cihazı Türkiyede alınabilen son android versiyonuna güncelledim güncelleme sonrası açılırken kanal değiştirirken TV'de (philips) yüksek çıtırtı sesleri çıkartıyor önceki android versiyonuna dönmenin bir yolu varmıdır?

Very satisfied

The only remark I have is not for the product, but for the shipment/delivery logistics. Improvement is needed to the shipment tracking process, as the buyer does not have access to that information.

The product is great

Took too long to arrive.


A new experience in entertainment

By far the best TV viewing box ever!

mecool box

the box its self very fast i had to buy other power supply i had to un plugged the power just to turn the box back on but other than that its a great box let me know when your next new box comes out thx

Not too happy product was left on da building lobby on da floor it got stolen so i never got it not happy anout that hadci known i wad gonna b left like that i wouldve goten it thru amazon sorry very dissapointed

KM2 Plus Deluxe

Excellent streaming box. Works great with my Dolby Atmos speaker system. Just needs an update to prevent the WiFi occasionally switching off and reboot needed.

Excellent Set top box

Probably the besy android TV box I have had. Everything works well. Love the remote with the keypad, very useful when watching my IPTV system as I just enter the channel number, no more having to scroll thorough channels top get to the one I want. Another plus is that my sound bar automatically switches to dolby digital sound. Would recommend this box to any one.

Very fast box and price is good

Bonne fluidité

Système très rapide mais je trouve que la qualité d’image sur Netflix est moins bonne que sur la box Orange .Dommage le contraste qui fonce l’écran automatiquement comme souvent sur les système android !

Great box.

I love this box. When will it get Android 12 ?


It's a nice 4k Android TV. Some software like Tidal doesn't work maybe is the Android TV 11 Software.

Great Keyboard

A great keyboard hor my MeCool TV box

A small but very cute and powerfull TV box

Very good TV box. I recommand.

Pretty nice device,

Pretty nice device, was looking for a alternative to the Firestick and I think this works well, especially that I can sideload apps just like the firestick, without the restrictions. love the extra storage on the device as well. I small glitch is the audio for some reason the I have to always go into the sound settings and switch from automatic to None and back to automatic in order for the sound to work on the Samsung TV. But besides that the device works well


Deberian incluir una función para separar el apagado del televisor y otra del tv box, por que cuando uno apaga el televisor el mecool sigue encendido.

MECOOL KM7 SE Android TV Box

Great Android TV Box

This TV box is very fast and plays all my file types.
Extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend it.


I own this box for about 4 years, and I am quite happy with it. But, I needed to change the location of the box, and need to pair wireless headphones, and it is impossible.....Has anyone managed to pair a device via Bluetooth?

Thank you very much, everything is perfect.

Any update on the horizon

Will we ever receive any update for this really awesome android tv stick to iron out the hdmi cec bugs and breath a new life into one of your most balanced built tv stick? those 4GB of ram and 32GB are top tier

Good Android TV Box

The Pro's- the box works, the streaming has been smooth with a very good picture and sound.
The Con's- watching a sporting event sometimes will get "screen is going to sleep" pop up. And so far have not found a way to turn this off.
- can only have one remote. So far have not found a second remote I can add, that will fully work.
My environment - Mecool KM2 Plus Deluxe - Vizio TV (CEC) and Sound Bar & Emby Server (OTA TV).

Beats Nvidia shield

Working better than my Nvidia shield also seems to have the same interface but not the lag I think it's a great purchase and going to get another one as soon as it goes on sale :) Do yourself a favor and just hit the button to buy you won't be disappointed!

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