Selection of 2022 TV Box Raiders-4K ATV BOX MECOOL Android TV Box KM2 PLUS

Selection of 2022 TV Box Raiders-4K ATV BOX MECOOL Android TV Box KM2 PLUS

The Smart Projector of Choice for Young People - MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 Vous lisez Selection of 2022 TV Box Raiders-4K ATV BOX MECOOL Android TV Box KM2 PLUS 4 minutes Suivant MECOOL Android TV Devices: What are Your Options?

Now there are all kinds of set-top boxes, with various functions and supports, but what do you care more about set-top packages? Which point can you use as a unified reference when you choose? I believe that everyone must agree that the output image quality is the core point, and it is to make my look and feel the best. However, to truly experience the best viewing experience, a high-quality TV set-top box is essential. So do you know what are the necessary conditions for a high-end set-top box?


1. Android 11 4K ATV BOX

MECOOL KM2 PLUS android tv box is a set-top box with high performance and strong configuration. It is one of the few set-top boxes on the market that can play 4K picture quality. It can bring a better look and feel, allowing us to enjoy a visual feast at home in our spare time.

● Netflix-certified 4K TV Box, you can enjoy high-clarity Netflix films and TV Series on your big TV Screen.
●Enjoy the latest version of Android TV 11.0, perfect for home entertainment, home theater, business use, and more.
●Endless Android TV Apps on Google Play including streaming content projects from Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, etc.
●Built-in Google Assistant, speak into the voice remote control, and you can quickly access entertainment, get answers, and control devices around your home.
● Easily cast photos, videos, and music from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV with Chromecast built-in. Enjoy the big-screen entertainment.
● Supports HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG HDR processing, and enjoys an ultra-high-definition, lifelike viewing experience.
●Support regular automatic upgrades.

2. Mecool android tv box is easy to use and has a good experience

In the past, people always complained that there are more and more TVs, set-top boxes, and remote controls, and they don't know how to use them. This runs counter to the original intention of "technology makes people's lives better".
The interface of KM2 PLUS is simple and fresh, and the operation speed is one step faster. At a glance, each section is clearly defined, without much annoying built-in software so you can travel with ease. The elderly and children can use the remote control to select their favorite items more quickly through voice control and get started easily. And in many small experiences, MECOOL KM2 PLUS has shown its excellence: just as soon as it is turned on, it is a clean page without advertisements, which eliminates the nuisance of advertisements on startup.

3. MECOOL KM2 PLUS Android TV box has a good appearance and a high appearance

When the concept of a smart home is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, a smart home is not only an electronic product but also an indispensable part of home decoration. In this way, for a TV set-top box, appearance is very important.
MECOOL KM2 PLUS is small and portable in appearance, small in size, and powerful in performance, and its flat and square body has many advantages. It looks simple and elegant, simple and straightforward, and can be easily integrated into the overall home decoration environment.

Interfaces supported by MECOOL KM2 PLUS:
• 1*HDMI (19 PIN Female HDMI 2.1 withHPCP2.3)
• 1*USB3.0, 1*USB2.0 Type A Port
• 1*SD Card
• 1*AV Output
• 1*RJ45 (100M/10M) (NO LED)

As a high-end flagship smart set-top box, MECOOL KM2 PLUS has everything. Whether it is hardware performance, user experience, or appearance, it has shown the level that a high-end flagship brand should have. It can be said to be the best among top-level TV set-top boxes.

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