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Can’t live without it. Go get it!

Everything is great!

Excellent quality! Fast shipping, thank you so much.

MECOOL KT1 Android TV Digital TV (DVB-T/T2/C tuner)

Android 11

Why was the device not released with the latest version of Android TV 12 or 13?

Parfois le son ne fonctionne pas avec la digital tv

avec l'application digital tv, dessuite Après le démarrage du boîtier le son fonctionne correctement
Si je sors de digital tv. Et que je la rouvre, il n'y a plus de son. Si j'ouvre Spotify ou YouTube il y a du son. Si j'ouvre digital tv il n'y a toujours pas de son. Si je redémarre le boîtier, et digital tv, il y a de nouveau du son

Comment remédier à ce problème ?


DD 5.1

No encontre dolby digital 5.1

MECOOL KM2 Andriod TV Box


Fast and effective unit..

Really disappointed

Crazy price for no usb3 or type c why why

Usb 2.0? Not 3.0, 3.1 or type c?

This machine and have only usb 2.0? Why?

Hello, according to the feedback from our technical engineers, the 3.0 USB interface has been provided to Wifi-6, so there is no extra interface to provide USB 3.0. Currently, only 2.0 interface output is supported. Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to follow up on this issue.


Works great

Bug free android tv box. The remote works great. No need for a keyboard.

No zoom

No tiene opción de Zoom. Comprar el blanco.

MECOOL KM2 Andriod TV Box

Excellent experience

Excellent experience with my MECOOL KM2 PLUS TV Box. Great speed, friendly speed and reasonable price so far. Would definitely like to try more products of the company.


The best cheap projector that have ever have.

The quality sensations of the product is really good, the light is enough power for my classroom requires.

Less problems with my firestick than this

The boxes look cool but operate spotty at times. Two complaints, first being the remotes sent were different from the ones shown in app. Power button doesn’t always turn on unit. And the volume doesn’t always adjust in unit. I have to reboot in order to raise or lower volume. Using the unit seems to be ok other than those problems.

Not so good

1. Netflix does not show video (plays only audio) when "Passthough: Accordinng to " audio option is selected.
2. Can't connect to Google servers


Excelente Box, rápida e com excelnte apresentação...apenas devia ter uma melhor recepção de internet, os 1000Mb era o ideal.

Problemas con el encendido

Buenas noches mi mk2 se queda en el logo y se vuelve a reiniciar, lo apague un día y ahora ni sale el logo se prende y vuelve a reiniciar enseguida por favor alguna solución

TV auto on

How configure HDMI to turn on TV ? In setting is TV auto off , but no TV auto on ?


caja blanca parpadeo en el logo como la restablesco de fabrica no tiene reset físico ayud

I8 English Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard

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