Q: Do you offer warranty on your products?

A:Yes, we offer a 1-year warranty against any quality defects on the android box (from the date of purchase).

Q: If I don’t like your box may I return it for a refund?

A:If it’s quality related, Yes, you can ask for a refund minus shipping costs if you return the box within 7 days of the delivery date. You are responsible for the return shipping costs. The packaging must be in mint condition, otherwise a restocking fee will be applied.

Q: Are MECOOL ATV products Google certified?

A:Yes, all of our products are certified with Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in.

Q: Do all MECOOL ATV products support voice remote?

A:Yes, they do.

Q: If MECOOL Android TV box built-in bluetooth or not?

A:Yes, they do.

Q: Do the product support Bluetooth headphones?

A:Yes, they do. 

Q: What apps are pre-loaded on the products?

A:Google Play, YouTube, Google music, Google game, etc.

Q: Can it play 4K Netflix?

A: Yes! MECOOL KM2/ KM2 PLUS/KD3/KD5/KM7 PLUS is a Netflix Certified Android TV Box, supports 4K from Netflix.
The other model of MECOOL TV boxes don’t support 4K from Netflix, but support other apps, for example, YouTube 4K. The mobile version of Netflix can be installed via U disk, but the resolution is only SD.

Q: Do your TV boxes play 3D movies

A:Yes, our Android TV box support 3D movie, You can Play in KODI .

Q: Is KODI installed or can it be installed?

A:No, KODI isn’t installed. But, You can download KODI in the Playstore.  

Q: If the boxes support OTA update or not?

A:Yes, you could upgrade the latest version over and over again.

Q: Will the box work if connected via an HDMI switch?

A:Yes,it can work.

Q: Why can't I install the application via U disk, Cloud, third-party application store to MECOOL NOW? E.g. Skype,Facebook and WhatsApp.

A: MECOOL NOW is an Android TV product certified by Google. Google requires that Android products with a built-in camera must have security features. It is not allowed to install apps other than the Google play store to prevent criminals from invading the device to access the camera. Many applications that need to use the camera and microphone are mostly mobile version applications. After installation, there will be problems such as compatibility and poor user experience. You can apply for the application that you want to install and use. We will test and optimize that. If the test passes, the application will be pushed on the server, and then users can download and install it from the server.




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