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The Smart Projector of Choice for Young People - MECOOL Smart Projector KP1

1. Foreword: MECOOL Smart Projector launched the model KP1, which focuses on the ultimate cost-effective explosive product

MECOOL Smart Projector, as a brand of projectors using LCD universal circuits, avoids the problems existing in products in the current market, such as product parameters, mixed concepts, etc., false standards for core parameters such as brightness, resolution, and lifespan, and even playing with text Games that mislead consumers.

To deal with these problems, MECOOL Smart Projector brings you a worthy product, which is also the protagonist we are going to evaluate today - MECOOL Smart Projector KP1.

Although other international big names have launched many projection products, the MECOOL Smart Projector brand, focuses on extreme cost performance, makes projectors, and even puts out the slogan "the smart projector most needed by young people".

From the perspective of functions and parameters, this MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 integrates all the qualities that were previously available in high-end projectors into itself, which is very competitive, especially in terms of brightness.

The brightness of LCD projectors should generally be in the range of 20~750 ANSI lumens, and most of them are only in the early 100s. If there is a product of this grade marked much higher than 700 ANSI lumens, there is a high probability that it can be judged as a false standard. MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 does not play "virtual" and achieves the highest 700 ANSI lumens of the projector. light source up to 14000Lux.The true full experience, 1920*1080P allows users to enjoy a theater-level giant screen experience at home.With 4D±50°keystone correction, which supports vertical and horizontal image correction, you can easily get the correct image,more user-friendly.

In terms of lifespan, MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 has reached a total usage time of 30,000 hours, that is, users watch 2 movies a day for about 4 hours, and can watch them for 20 years with confidence.

2. Appearance: The shape of the big eyes is very round, and the appearance is exquisite and portable

The front of the main body of MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 is relatively round, and the volume is not large, 234*221*87.5 mm.

Contains a Google & Netflix certified Android TV stick

The body is equipped with interfaces: HDMI IN *3, USB 2.0 *1, Headphone Jack *1, TF *1, AV *1

3. Picture test: the color of the environment with the lights off is excellent, which can meet the viewing needs of mainstream users

MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 adopts a calculation unit different from that of the market, and its brightness reaches the highest 700 ANSI lumens of LED projectors. This can fully meet the needs of users to watch in dark environments or at night.

Next, let's take a look at the performance of MECOOL Smart Projector KP1.

MECOOL Smart Projector KP1

It can be seen that MECOOL Smart Projector KP1, as the most capable projector in the same price range, greatly improves the contrast of the picture in a light-off environment. The whole picture looks bright enough, the details of the objects can be restored, and the color performance is satisfactory.

In the same price range, considering that there are only LED light sources, light source attenuation will inevitably occur during the projection process. Still, the performance of MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 is at a reasonable level, and the color distribution map can accurately restore the color distribution and color ball map. Part of the transition is also very soft, and the display effect is very good.

Also, MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 With an Android 11 TV stick, you can enjoy Netflix, Prime Video, and more than 400,000+ live news, movies and TV episodes, etc. Support Google Assistant, which can quickly access entertainment, get an answer, etc. through the MIC button on the remote.

As the first smart projector for young people, the target of MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 is also very clear. If you are a young user group such as office workers and student parties, and you want to try the different experiences brought by the projector, then this "projector bomb" with a stylish shape, real brightness, complete functions and details, MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 must be your best choice.

In terms of the selling price, what is the suggested retail price of MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 is $329. You can be obtained  in $246.75 after using the code of 25KP1. 

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