What is Flex 4K Streaming TV Box?

What is Flex 4K Streaming TV Box?

4K streaming media TV box refers to a TV box that supports 4K decoding. Now there are many 4K media playback devices in the market, the following will take the MECOOL 4k streaming media TV box as the main character to show you the 4k streaming media TV box.

1. Basic introduction of MECOOL 4K streaming media TV Box

4K streaming media TV box refers to a TV box that supports 4K decoding. 4K refers to 4K resolution, that is, the pixel resolution of 4096×2160, which is 4 times that of 2K projectors and high-definition TVs, and belongs to ultra-high-definition resolution. At this resolution, viewers will be able to see every detail and close-up of the picture. In addition to the significant improvement in resolution, 4K also has changes in frame rate, color depth, and color space. 4K*2KP60 decoding capability, can decode ultra-high-definition video with a maximum resolution of 3840*2160. Compared with traditional high-definition network TV boxes, 4K TV boxes can present users with a more delicate and realistic picture quality experience, which can greatly improve user perception and experience.

2. Technical introduction of MECOOL 4K streaming media TV Box

4K, the resolution standard for a new generation of Hollywood blockbusters. It is different from the so-called high-definition TV (1080P, 1920×1080 resolution) that we watch at home, and it is also different from the 2K resolution large screen (2048×1080 resolution) of traditional digital theaters, but the ultra-high resolution 4096×2160 fine picture. Traditional high-definition TV has a picture of 2.07 million pixels, while the picture seen in traditional digital cinema is 2.21 million pixels. In the 4K cinema, you can see high-definition images with 8.85 million pixels.

three. Mecool 4K Streaming Media TV Box Installation Conditions

1)4K TV: 4K TV can receive, decode and display video signals with 4K resolution. Today, 4K HD is becoming mainstream.

2)flex 4K Streaming TV box: flex 4K Streaming TV Box can support 4K decoding. In addition to supporting ultra-high-definition viewing, some flex 4K Streaming TV Boxes also support functions such as playback and free time shifting. For example, MECOOL KD3 can independently control the playback process, fast forward, rewind, and pause at any time.

3)Bandwidth requirements: The minimum broadband requirement for watching 4K videos is 30M. If you want to play smoothly, the broadband needs to reach 50M or more. Therefore, the lack of bandwidth in the user's home has become a bottleneck restricting the 4K viewing experience. To solve this problem, at present, for families, a simple and direct solution is 100M fiber optic broadband. Optical fiber converts the data to be transmitted from an electrical signal to an optical signal for communication. It is one of the most ideal transmission media in optical fiber broadband networks. It is characterized by large transmission capacity, good transmission quality, low loss, and long relay distance. At present, it is the first to popularize a 100M optical fiber broadband optical fiber 4G network, and the peak rate can reach 100Mbps. A 500M movie can be downloaded in less than a minute, and watching 4K ultra-high-definition movies online is also very smooth.

4) 4K TV program resources: Without 4K TV program resources, even if there is an ultra-high-definition 4K TV, the effect of ordinary high-definition programs is still presented on the TV. Therefore, major 4K equipment suppliers are looking for program content providers. For example, MECOOL signed an exclusive strategic cooperation memorandum with Disney to obtain 4K film and television videos. However, it is far from enough to have abundant 4K TV program resources. To ensure the stability of the program, it is also necessary to ensure that all TV programs are legal and genuine. Currently, MECOOL provides a stable operator to provide customers with high-quality 4K programs such as movies, TV series, and documentaries.

4. The difference between a MECOOL flex 4K Streaming TV Box and an ordinary HD TV Box

1)Fluency: The refresh frequency of ordinary full HD video is 24HZ, so when there are high-speed moving objects in the video, there will be smearing. The specification of 4K ultra-high-definition is as high as 3840*2160@30Hz, and each frame is optimized in real-time. The image is clearer and sharper, and the details are smooth and smooth.

2)Definition: The resolution of ordinary full HD is 1920*1080 images, and the resolution of 4K is 3840*2160 images. The difference between them and ordinary HD TV boxes is 4 times that of full HD, and the picture is more real and delicate.

3)Color: Normal full HD color is too bright or too dark, the image becomes white, 4K color adjustment points are more, rich colors are accurately restored, and the image is brighter and more detailed.

4)Sound effect: ordinary full HD has 2.0 channels, the sound quality is thin, and the sound effect is simple. Some flex 4k Streaming TV Boxes have built-in Dolby decoding capability, support optical fiber lossless audio output, and have rich stereo layers.

5) MECOOL 4K streaming media TV box function

The 4K streaming media TV box is a kind of network TV box, which not only has the basic functions of the network TV box but also can realize a 4K ultra-high-definition viewing experience. The signal source connected to the network box is a network cable, and the video streaming files on the network can be played through the built-in decoder, which closely connects a large number of Internet resources with traditional TV. Although the earlier TV boxes had a built-in Android system, the application functions were not yet mature. Today, the use of smart systems makes TV boxes more scalable. In addition to the functions of traditional TV boxes, it can also realize all the functions of computer manufacturers: browsing the web, watching movies, watching TV, listening to music, and playing games. Or share and display your video, music, pictures, and other media files on the TV at the same time through mobile terminals such as mobile phones and pads.

Different brands of 4k streaming media TV boxes will also have differences in the realization of specific functions. For example, the MECOOL KM6 streaming media TV box has a 4K experience area to solve the problem of insufficient 4K content resources for users. The enhanced version of the MECOOL TV box can wirelessly project exciting content from iPhone, iPad, computer pictures, videos, YouTube videos, and other applications to the TV.


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