The Relationship Between a Smart TV and TV Box

The Relationship Between a Smart TV and TV Box

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With the advancement of technology, do smart TVs still need TV boxes? The answer is yes, and it is necessary. The reason why there is a TV box is that it needs to be connected to a traditional TV, so that web browsing, online video playback, and application installation can be realized on the traditional TV. Photos and videos from your home screen can be projected onto the big-screen TV in your home. Now that TVs are getting smarter and smarter, they can already complete this series of operations independently, so will TV boxes be eliminated? Of course not, smart TV still needs a box, after all, the price of replacing a TV is higher than a TV box.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs allow you to watch online content using your home broadband connection (Ethernet or Wi-Fi). Once your smart TV is connected to the internet, it will display a menu on the screen with a list of internet channels or apps. Some apps have already been downloaded; some will be downloaded to become part of your app library. Once you click on any of these apps, you will be able to watch what they have to offer.

Benefits of Smart TV

One of the biggest advantages of a Smart TV is your ability to access a large number of channels to watch shows, movies, and music without having to subscribe to a cable or satellite TV plan. Some smart TVs also provide functions such as web browsing and games.

Smart TV still needs to be used with a TV box

Smart TVs are the same as smartphones, and they will freeze after a long time. Frequent replacement of mobile phones is fine but is it unrealistic to replace a TV frequently, so no matter how smart the TV is forever, it needs to be equipped with a high-end TV. The use of the box does not mean that the system of the smart TV is not good, but that the operation is no longer stuck.

Let’s take the simplest start-up advertisement as an example. Most smart TVs have more than ten seconds of start-up advertisements. However, if you connect a Mecool TV box and use it together, the smart TV will not connect to the Internet, and there will be no advertisements when you start it up. Enter the system of Mecool TV box, Mecool is a manufacturer without advertisements, so naturally, there will be no advertisements; some people say that if my TV is not connected to the Internet and turned on, it is also possible to connect to the Internet after turning it on. It is possible to skip startup advertisements. , but don't you bother?

Boot ads are just an example. The hardware facilities of smart TVs are also prone to problems. Smart TVs are embedded with processors, motherboards, and various peripheral interfaces. It will also rise. Once a fault occurs, along with heat and heat dissipation problems, the life of the smart TV will not be very long. At this time, you can only change the TV. Even if it is repaired, it will cost the price of several TV boxes to repair, and the repair is not once and for all...

The above are not the biggest problems. The biggest problem with smart TVs is that the content updates are getting slower and slower, and they are getting less and less interesting. Occasionally, there will be a phenomenon of stopping updates. It is broken but the content is gone. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether to replace the TV or connect it to the TV box.

Smart TVs and TV boxes complement each other

Therefore, smart TV also needs the existence of the box, and the two complement each other to enjoy a better experience. The TV content is less, and the content of the TV box can be updated in real-time. The built-in Mecool system of the Mecool TV box is like this, updating resources in real-time, covering Almost the entire network of film and television resources, and backed by the Mecool market with thousands of software, has everything that one expects to find.

To sum up, the TV box was born for the TV. Neither of the two can do without the other. No matter how smart the TV is, it needs a TV box. After all, the update frequency of the TV box is always faster than that of the TV. More.

Smart TVs are amazing in this day and age and are a smart investment as they offer a lot without the need for a cable subscription. Mecool TV Box enables you to enjoy content from your favorite apps including Disney Plus, Netflix, and more. You can also read YouTube or cast videos from your laptop to your Smart TV.


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