2024 MECOOL KM7 PLUS GTV May Update

2024 MECOOL KM7 PLUS GTV May Update

MECOOL has actively collected requests from the community and worked hard to reflect user feedback on this update to polish and enhance your GTV experience. We are happy to announce a new firmware update for MECOOLKM7 PLUS: version P2.6.7_20231215. This update will upgrade the Android security patch level to November 2023.

Update Method:
1. Automatic upgrade method (automatic upgrade online). 2. Boot wizard upgrade (automatically upgrade when first booting your KM7 PLUS and connecting to the Internet)
Please note this update will be gradually rolled out to all devices.

Rollout Schedule
Percentage Time (UTC)
5% 2024/05/07 00.00
10% 2024/05/14 00.00
20% 2024/05/21 00.00
50% 2024/05/28 00.00
80% 2024/06/04 00.00
100% 2024/06/11 00.00

Release Notes:
The software cannot be rolled back after installation. Install and use at your own risk.

We are continuously working to improve our products and meet consumer expectations with cutting-edge streaming technology. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions and we appreciate your continued support.

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