MECOOL Smart Projector KP2 VS KP1

MECOOL Smart Projector KP2 VS KP1

MECOOL Smart Projector KP1 and KP2 are two of MECOOL's most popular projectors, but when choosing these two projectors, we should compare them in many ways in order to choose the most suitable product for us. What factors should we choose?

The common features as follow:
1、Native resolution of 1920x1080P, provides clear and detailed images, giving you an immersive home theater experience.
2、Thousands of best Apps on Google Play including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, etc.
3、Up to 240 '' large screen& 5W speaker to create a immersive cinema experience.
4、LCD technology provides brilliant, colorful and engaging images in any learning environment.
5、Supports vertical keystone correction, as well as manual horizontal correction, allowing you to easily get the correct image.
6、Supports screen mirroring ,enjoy your favorite contents on the giant screen.
7、Use Cases:Home Cinema、Big-screen Gaming、Meetings、Screen Mirroring

But exactly what is the difference between them? Dive in to find out.
Basic Specification Comparison

Price and availability

MECOOL KP1 now is available for $329.99 (after our coupon code: KP1V for $246.75).
MECOOL KP2 can be purchased at $399.99 (after our coupon code: 15KP2 for $339.99 ).

By comparing the features of MECOOL smart projectors KP1 and KP2, we can better understand the functions of each model, and we can also choose the one that suits us better. Which one is better? Come and tell me the answer.

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