MECOOL KA1 have successfully passed ART

MECOOL KA1 have successfully passed ART

Recently, with great efforts of MECOOL team of VideoStrong(VS), and the improvement of R & D strength, MECOOL smart audio product KA1 passed the Google  Assistant Readiness Test (ART)  sucessfully, which is significant to the company. It symbolizes that the products of the company have an access to Google Voice Assistant, which will be helpful to enhance the awareness of MECOOL brand.

The company make a grest contribution to pass the Google Voice Assistant test. During the process of R & D, the colloeagues of MECOOL Business departant have overcome lots of difficulties. They worked overtime to test the system, and all kinds of wonderful voices are prevalent in the company. They testing engineer of the MECOOL team said that MECOOL audio products pace up the latest technological innovation, integrate numerous resources, aim to have a different intelligent life experience to users.

The company rewarded them with 50,000RMB to recognize the contribution of technical engineers to ART certification. To encourage them to be hard-work and make constantly R&D new products as well as provide useful suggestions with the development of the company.

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