Discover over 800 free TV channels on Google TV

Discover over 800 free TV channels on Google TV

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Google TV is a smart TV operating system launched by Google that aims to integrate various streaming services, applications, and TV channels into a unified interface. Its goal is to provide a simple, intuitive way for users to easily access their favorite content. Google TV supports a variety of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and more, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies at any time.

GTV system

However, one exciting feature of Google TV is that it provides users with a collection of free TV channels that cover a wide variety of content types, ranging from news and sports to entertainment and documentaries.

“Starting today, we’re integrating access to free channels from Tubi, Plex, and Haystack News directly into the Live tab, alongside the existing lineup of channels from Pluto TV. We’re also launching free built-in channels from Google TV that you can watch without even downloading or launching an app. In total, you can now browse over 800 channels and premium programming, including news channels from NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX. You can also tune in to channels from around the world, with programming in more than 10 languages including Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese.” According to a blog post from Google.

How to access free TV channels on Google TV?

To access free TV channels on Google TV, you need the following:

  1. Google TV devices

First, you need to have a device that supports Google TV system. This can be a Google TV-enabled smart TV, or a Google TV device connected to a regular TV, such as MECOOL KD3 and KM7 PLUS. Make sure your device is set up and associated with your Google account.

2.The latest Google TV software

Make sure you have the latest version of Google TV software installed on your Google TV device. Typically, your device updates automatically, but you can also manually check for updates to make sure you get the latest features and performance improvements.

3.Internet connection

You need a stable internet connection to watch free TV channels on Google TV smoothly. A high-speed broadband connection is recommended for the best viewing experience.

Once you meet the above criteria, you can start browsing free TV channels on Google TV.

Browse free TV channels on Google TV

 GTV system on MECOOL


If you haven't tried the Google TV system yet, consider giving it a try and discover more great TV content. There is no doubt that Google TV has become the future of digital streaming entertainment, providing viewers with more choice and convenience. MECOOL TV box also provides everyone with the easiest operating medium.

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