New Released: MECOOL Now , Google Certified Video Calling Streaming Media Device

New Released: MECOOL Now , Google Certified Video Calling Streaming Media Device

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The ways to connect with people are constantly changing with the continuous development of technology. To make the communication between the elderly and children more convenient, and to keep in touch with relatives and friends, many of you have tried to make video calls through multiple cross-platform videos. Video calls have become an indispensable tool, one we all use more than we likely would have imagined. Through video callings, grandparents can chat with grandchildren, members of separated families can maintain a certain degree of reunion, friends can talk, play games and communicate with each other frequently.

Keeping families and friends in the loop means a lot, especially during the pandemic, demand for online social networking has been fully activated. Using the right devices can make a big difference in making video calls more enjoyable and engaging. Large-screen social networking has gradually become a trend. More and more popular apps have rolled out TV version. Google Duo is one of them.

MECOOL has provided customer many classic TV boxes like KM9 Pro, KM3, KM1, KM6  to improve the experience of streaming for years. As a TV box used in the living room, the product mainly provides the viewing function of the video content source, which is difficult to meet the needs of consumers. In order to enrich the user's smart home life and continue to give the living room scenes infinite possibilities, MECOOL Now is released to help today.

MECOOL Now is a Google Certified video calling streaming media device. Based on the native Android TV system, it initiates video calls through the camera on the device, and meets family members in a warm way at the center of the family, allowing relatives and friends everywhere to open the TV to meet and chat at any time, making TV a new family gathering platform. The viewing experience of freeing your hands and watching and chatting has become a new social lifestyle. MECOOL Now would help any of you that would like to keep in connected with the loved ones in the biggest screen at home. It help to increase communication quality and the depth of the personal connection with friends and familes.


Key Feature:

  • Making video calls with Google Duo built-in
  • One-button answer function, quite easy for the older genaration
  • Google Certified Video Calling Streaming Media Device
  • Use the Newest codec AV1 for video calling and streaming use. Enjoy better video call quality and reliability on lower bandwidth connections.
  • Thousands of streaming apps to enjoy on your TV, like Prime Video, Youtube, etc.
  • Take HD Photoes on TV
  • Built-in ZOOM, Built-in TikTok
  • Human-centered design: HDMI IN and HDMI OUT automatic switching function,
  • 2 Installation methods to easy scene selection, Incoming Call Sound And Light Double Reminder, Private protection,etc

More features about MECOOL Now, please feel free to check at the product page.

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